Careet opportunity at IOSPL

Cancer Therapy Centres a unit of International Oncology Services Pvt Ltd. is a global cancer care and research services company at the forefront of bringing the very best in cancer care to India through expertise, research and collaboration. International Oncology is promoted by a team of highly passionate team of professionals with significant international experience.

Smart. Creative. Dedicated. Hard working. Mission driven. Here you’ll work with an elite team. We attract, recruit, and hire only the best and brightest people to help solve challenges. With growing scope and horizons of International Oncology and the expansion phase that the company is currently in, employees joining at this stage can be assured of a growth oriented career. We believe each employee is instrumental in impacting a patient’s experience as well as the future of our health care system. Our thriving work environment provides the challenges you need to excel in the ever-changing world of health care, and the support you need to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Across the board, we are an elite team of self-motivated and self-directed employees. We understand that relationships are critical to help people work together. We have greater expectations of ourselves and others. As an elite team we value integrity by honoring commitments and never compromising on ethics. Trust is earned and preserved through truthfulness, integrity, active engagement and collaboration with colleagues. At International Oncology, you’ll find we’re not just inventive in our approach to new solutions; we honor relationships and we build trust through collaboration.

We’ll provide you with a mission and a culture that make the most of it. That’s why someday, you’ll look back at the things you achieved here and realize that you did your life’s best work.