Cancer Therapy Centre

Cancer Therapy Centres (A unit of International Oncology Services Pvt. Ltd.) in a strategic collaboration with Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai has established a comprehensive Cancer Therapy Centre in Mumbai.

Additionally, we have spoke centres right near you at Gurunank Hospital (Mumbai), Godrej Memorial Hospital (Mumbai) and Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital (Thane).

We are at the forefront of providing cutting edge cancer treatment and care with a focus on improving the quality of life of our patients.

With a highly experienced team of eminent Medical Oncologists, Haematologists, Radiation Oncologists and Surgeons, our Centre is equipped to provide quality comprehensive cancer care including Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Haematology, Haemato-oncology and Bone Marrow (BMT)/ Stem Cell Transplantation all in state of the art facilities.

We have a strategic collaboration with Albert Einstein College of Medicine (USA) for advanced physician trainings and for seeking second opinion for complex cases. We also confer with our specialists Pan India to come up with treatment plans that are best for our patients.

Services Offered

Medical & Paediatric Oncology

• In house Chemotherapy
• Day care Suites
• Biological Therapies
• Targeted therapies
• Immunotherapy
• Hormonal Therapy
• Intra peritoneal Chemotherapy
• Intra thecal Chemotherapy
• Intra Pleural Chemotherapy

Radiation Oncology

• Rapid arc
• 3D CRT
• Brachytherapy
• Stereotactic Radiosurgery
• Stereotactic Radiotherapy
• Conventional Radiotherapy


• Anemia
• Thalassemia
• Cytopenias
• Bleeding/ Clotting Disorders
• Leukemia
• Lymphoma
• Myeloma
• Aplastic Anemia
• Hodgkin’s Disease
• Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Bone Marrow / Stem Cell Transplant

• Autologus stem cell transplant
• Allogenic Stem cell transplant
• Syngeneic stem cell transplant

Surgical Oncology & Reconstructive Surgery

• Head & Neck Cancer
• Gastrointestinal Cancer
• Minimally Invasive Breast Surgery
• Urological Cancer
• Lung & Thoracic Cancer
• Gynaecological Cancer
• Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Cancer
• Paediatric Cancer
• Thyroid & Other Endocrine Cancer
• Laproscopic Cancer Surgery
• Limb Conserving Surgery
• Reconstructive Surgery

Onco – Interventional Procedures

• Embolization
• Biliary stenting
• Radifrequency ablation

Cancer Prevention Program

• Special Clinics
• Health Packages

Key Achievements and social activities OR Our Journey so far..

• Did the first Rapid Arc treatment in Mumbai.
• Did the First Automated HIPEC surgery in Mumbai.
• State of the art bone marrow facility.
• Many successful Bone marrow Transplants done in a short span of time.
• Dr. L H Hiranandani is ISO Certified 9001:2208, NABH Accredited for both the Hospital & Blood Bank & NABL Accredited. It has also received IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Awards (2008 & 2015), Asia Pacific Quality Award 2009 & NABH Nursing Excellence Award- 2015.
• Highly advanced Radiation equipment – VARIAN TRILOGY.
• Highest patient volumes treated on Radiation Oncology Machine.
• Organized Annual Walk for Life in Powai- an event to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.
• Enhances academic agendas pertaining to new developments in the field of cancer
by modes of conferences which are sought after by doctors.
• Has organized multiple corporate and public awareness initiatives to raise Cancer awareness in association with organizations like Rotary, Avon.
• Helped many poor patients in getting treatment through subsidized schemes and help from NGOs.
• Encourages cancer patients by organizing the annual survivor meet – Hope Champions 2014.