Trilogy. The power of three.

Power, Versatility, Reliability. It takes all three to treat the cancers you encounter. That’s why clinicians around the world turn to the Trilogy® system to deliver complex treatments. Here, in one system, is what it takes to confront cancer with confidence.

Powerful technology: the cornerstone of advanced radiotherapy.

Trilogy’s impressive core components are behind such advanced treatment techniques as sliding-window IMRT and RapidArc® radiotherapy technology. They include:

  • Klystron
  • Digital RF driver
  • Patented standing-wave guide
  • Energy switch
  • Triode electron gun
  • 270° bend magnet
  • Sealed kapton ion chamber
  • Beam matching
  • MillenniumTM MLC
  • MLC interdigitation

This stunning technology has generated remarkable innovations for managing complex cases. Precision beam sculpting finely conforms to individual tumor shapes. Instantaneous beam control enables respiratory synchronized treatment delivery. Trilogy’s unique architecture has led to significant advances in volumetric arc therapy, including the reduction of treatment times to two minutes or less.

Your Trilogy system will remain powerful because its open architecture allows it to grow as your practice grows. Pathbreaking third-party motion management devices easily connect to the system. And treatment innovations are at your disposal as they become available.

As versatile as cancer is relentless.

Trilogy offers a wide spectrum of treatment techniques to handle the majority of your patient workload, including advanced treatments such as:

  • Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT)
  • RapidArc
  • Gated RapidArc
  • Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)
  • Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT)
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)

As a result, you have the flexibility to choose the most appropriate treatment for your patient, whatever that treatment may be.

The Trilogy system was the first linear accelerator to offer synchronized imaging. Today, its On-Board Imager® (OBI) kV imaging system provides a wide array of imaging modalities, including kV, MV, CBCT and fluoroscopy. Clinicians get high-quality images of soft tissue, boney anatomy or other markers for optimal patient positioning. What’s more, OBI lets you employ radiographic, fluoroscopic and CBCT modes to monitor the size, shape and location of the target every day. With these advanced position verification tools, you can see what you treat.

When tumors move during treatment, Trilogy’s strong motion-management tools go to work, monitoring and adjusting for tumor motion, resulting in accurate treatment delivery. Clinicians can visualize where the tumor is and compensate for patient shifts during treatment.

Proven reliability evokes confidence.

Thousands of clinicians trust in the Trilogy system each day, year after year, in every corner of the world. Reliable and dependable, Trilogy boasts an exceptional uptime. Clinicians can work with confidence knowing that Trilogy will precisely treat the tumor while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. Since its introduction, Trilogy has become the established platform for advanced radiotherapy. And Trilogy stands ready to be upgraded and augmented as new technologies become available and your practice grows.


When clinicians promise to bring everything in their power to bear against cancer, they turn with confidence to the Trilogy system. Because there’s no compromising reliability for versatility, or power for precision. Trilogy delivers it all. It is the treatment workhorse of clinics around the world, and the choice of cancer specialists everywhere.