Post cancer therapy home care

When you can’t come to us, we come to you

Chemotherapy forms the back bone of cancer treatment. With the availability of new drugs, the chances of having chemotherapy related side effects have dramatically reduced. Despite these advances, patients receiving chemotherapy and targetted therapy can still have some treatment related side effects. Some of these side effects include nausea (sensation of vomiting), vomiting, lack of appetite, ulcer or sores in mouth, constipation, diarrhea, fever, tiredness etc.  While most of these are not serious, they still can be bothersome to the patients requiring frequent visits to the doctor.

The relief from those side effects can easily be brought about by regular evaluation and modification of treatment prescribed by the doctor. However, quite often, patients are unable to visit the doctor due to varying reasons.

We at Cancer therapy centers have a dedicated medical team which can take care of these issues. This team compromises of trained specialist doctors and cancer nurses, who work under the direct supervision of the treating oncologist. We can arrange a “Home Medical Visit” visit by this team. When they visit patient’s home, they patiently listen to the problem and do a detailed physical check up.  The doctor can assess the patient for specific symptoms like pain, oral ulcerations, vomiting, constipation etc or more general complaints like weakness or loss of appetite. If necessary, certain blood test can also be ordered. The sampling for these tests can be organized in liaison with our lab services. Subsequently, suitable medicines can be prescribed to alleviate the side effects. The trained cancer nurse can help change feeding tubes /urinary catheters at home. If required, both of these specialists can talk directly with your treating oncologist and suitably modify the medication prescribed to the patient as needed. The team can visit regular intervals in order to monitor the progress of patient and relief from side effects. With such home based visits, we not only make care of patients easier, but also ensure timely interventions to ensure prompt relief of symptoms.

We understand the need of patients and their care givers. Through ‘Home Medical Visits’ we want to ease that burden and enhance our partnership in patient care.