International Oncology Services (IOSPL) is a private limited company, focused on the care & treatment of cancer patients. Our organization was founded by two USA based oncologists of Indian origin, with the vision to provide the best possible care for cancer afflicted patients in India.
Since its inception in 2009, the organization has grown to a pan India presence and is one of the few medical facilities in India that offers comprehensive cancer care services under one roof.

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    Tumor Board

    Cancer is complex and its treatment generally requires coordination among different sub-specialties such as radiation oncology, medical oncology, hematology, surgical oncology, pathology, radiology, palliative care, nutrition and others. Our specialists meet weekly to discuss the condition of each of our patients and their cancers. For each patient, they develop a comprehensive, highly-individualized treatment plan that is designed to achieve the best possible outcome, and they closely monitor the progress of...

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    Precision Radiotherapy- Stereotactic Radiosurgery (Srs)

    Stereotactic Radiosurgery is the delivery of highly precise and ablative ionizing radiation to an accurately delineated target in the Brain or spine. In SRS, there is minimal dose of radiation to the surrounding critical structures like optic chiasma, optic nerves, cochlea and brain stem, and radiation dose is delivered to the tumor in a single sitting with minimal side effects. It is the preferred treatment for brain metastases, spinal metastases,...

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    “Precision Medicine” transforming cancer care- now available at IOSPL

    Precision medicine is an approach to identify molecular changes in the tumor (such as DNA) to devise the most appropriate treatment plan. This strategy is helping not only to increase the likelihood of tumor control but also find ways to reduce side effects. Generally, if one of the treatments does not work, physicians rely on their best judgement to move to the next line of treatment. With precision medicine, it...

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    Personalized cancer care through Innovations and research!

    Innovation and research lies at the heart of progress in cancer treatment. At IOSPL we value our creative approach to fighting stubborn disease as we make breakthroughs in the areas of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and gene therapy. Our goal is to understand fully why each treatment works so we can design and study new solutions for our patients. Our outstanding team of dedicated specialists have a wealth of expertise and an...

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    IOSPL- Your strongest ally in the fight against cancer

    A cancer diagnosis is a life changing event and just like the individuals’ cancer effects, no two experiences with cancer will be alike. IOSPL provides the best cancer care with caring staff and highly trained specialists who treat the whole patient, not just the disease. We strive to provide the best technology available in coordination with patient care that respects the medical and psychological response to being diagnosed with cancer.



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Cancer treatment is complex and generally involves multiple specialties. Our highly trained and experienced specialists are available to provide you with a comprehensive consultation regarding your treatment options.

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