Cancer Screening and Prevention Program


Did you know that cancers of cervix, breast, lung, colon and prostate can be cured if diagnosed early? Screening helps detect cancers early when they are curable so don’t wait and get yourself checked.

At IOSPL, we have customized screening programs based on your age, sex and other risk factors. For example, a woman should get screened for breast cancer once a year starting at age 45. Similarly, men should get screened for prostate cancer after they are 50 years old. Both these cancers are highly curable if diagnosed in early stage.

Patients with smoking or chewing tobacco history are at risk for certain cancers including lung and head/neck. A simple 10-minute test/scan can help diagnose these and save your life or give you peace of mind.

Give yourself or/and your family members a gift of life, bring them for our discounted cancer screening program.

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We have the following screening packages in Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Lung cancer, GI (Esophagus, Colon) cancer, Head Neck cancers (Oral cavity, Larynx, Pharynx), Gynecological (Uterus, Cervix) cancers and others.

  • Basic Screening – Detailed History and Physical exam
  • Level I Screening- Basic Screening + PAP (for women) + Blood work
  • Level 2 Screening- Level 1 screening + Relevant Radiology and or procedures (CT chest, colonoscopy, mammography)
  • Comprehensive Screening- Level 2 screening + whole body CT scanning + certain tumor markers