Diagnostic Testing


PET-CT at IOSPL- Helping diagnose and treat cancer

Cancer diagnosis is complex involving accurate interpretation of pathology, radiology and nuclear medicine tests and results. Without a proper diagnosis, one might miss out on the opportunity to treat your cancer appropriately. Once a correct cancer diagnosis is made along with determination of the stage the cancer is at, our specialist will devise a personalized treatment plan for you.

Pathology and Molecular Testing:

We rely on international standards when it comes to diagnostic testing for cancer. We have collaborated with pathology and molecular biology labs to help us evaluate your cancer tissue and blood samples to not only diagnose the type of cancer but also identify markers for latest targeted therapies such as immunotherapy.

Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT Scan:

Our centers are equipped with high end CT, MRI and PET-CT machines to provide high resolution images of your cancer. This is helpful to diagnose, treat and follow up cancer patients at various stages of their disease process.