Palliative Care: Improving Quality of Life


For patients with a terminal illness or the pain of a treatable illness, a different type of care is needed. We
provides comprehensive services that address all the factors related to life-threatening and serious illnesses. Palliative care also avoids overly aggressive treatment modalities, which can often cause their own problems for the patient and the family. This is different from hospice care, in that it can be provided during active disease treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation, and for patients with chronic pain that is unresponsive to standard interventions.

Our palliative services include:

  • Management of chronic pain and other symptoms
  • Compassionate counseling and support
  • Help with patient and family choices regarding life-prolonging therapy
  • Assistance with advance directives, such as living wills and “do not resuscitate” orders
  • Spiritual care
  • Referral to hospice
  • Bereavement services

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