Surgical Oncology


Surgical Oncology is a sub-specialty of oncology which deals with removing tumor using surgery. It is very important to select the right surgeon to operate on your cancer- someone who has specialized training and experience for your specific tumor. It is also key to have the right post-operative care after surgery to prevent unnecessary complications.

Our surgical oncologists are among the best in the country providing highly specialized and personal care for all types of cancers. Whether it is a complicated brain surgery for a brain tumor or a highly precise surgery for breast cancer, we have surgeons for all. We are well equipped to perform the most difficult surgeries including minimally invasive surgeries.

When performing surgery for cancer, our emphasis is on making sure we provide the best outcome in terms of quality of life for the patient. Working together with medical and radiation oncologists, our surgeons devise the best strategy to treat your cancer. In some cases, we would carefully administer radiation or/and chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before surgery to maximize your chances for cure and reduce likelihood of side effects.

Sometimes surgery might not be the right option for you. We are there to guide you to the best possible treatment for your condition. If surgery is the right treatment for you, our surgeons will properly explain the risks and benefits of the procedure for you to be fully aware and prepared.